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BFBC 2xburn Double The Results In 1/2 The time!

ONE TIME OFFER: Add 7 weeks of BFBC 2xBurn For Double The Results In 1/2 The Time! for a total of 10 weeks (21days + 7 weeks) for an added $69 (save $57) a total of less than $9 per week! Make commitment NOW! This offer is only available here. See below for more info.

Option #1: Pay with Paypal by clicking the button above. 
Option # 2: To pay offline with a one time deposit or transfer of $90 to Atlantic Bank Account # 211106202 for Edward Williams then text a snapshot of your deposit receipt to 615-4475. 
Option # 3: Make payment in person when you suite up and show up for your sessions at Memorial park Monday thru Thursdays at 5:30 pm & 6:00am sharp! Please bring along 
Your pair 5 lbs dumbbell & mat. 
Plenty of WATER! 
Prepare to SWEAT!, have FUN, torch FAT and Tone MUSCLES!
VERY IMPORTANT: After completing steps 1 or 2 above please Click Here to get started then immediately call 615-4475 to set appointment for your Baseline Body Diagnostic. 
Finally the BFBC 2xburn  for double the results in 1/2 the time IS HERE!


Most of us are of the opinion that it takes a lot of discipline to accomplish anything for that matter and in a sense we right. Only difference is in reality its not so much about discipline as it is about will power and habit. We need just enought will power to hang in there until habit kicks in. When habit kicks in it seems easier. It then becomes as Jim Rohn puts it "Easier to do than not to!" In the beginning every thing is easier not to! For example getting up early to get in your workout for the day. We all know either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening is the best time to do so because it is the time we have full control of. However in the begining we may easily convince ourselves to turn over and go back to sleep because its easier not to. However in my case I would beat up on myself so bad guilt tripping its easier for me to simple get up and get out in the first place. So for me it is easier to do then not to. But thats because of an important principle. The understanding that it doesn't take all that much discipline as we think it does. We don't have to look up to successful people in awe as if they are super humans. Because the reality of the matter is they are not! As human beings we all have unlimted potential and whatever one can do everyone else can. And this realization that it only takes enough will power for the habit to kick in, then it becomes easier to do than not to, makes us more likely to roll up our sleeves and do what we have to to get there! Now scientifically it has been suggested that it takes anywhere from 21 to 66 days for habit to kick in. Hence the reason for the 21 Days Metabolic Reset. Most feel like 21 days is quite doable and if the habit kicks in and makes life easier then that make it even better. This is also our reason for offering to bump up to 7 more weeks for a total of 10 weeks. As you can see this covers the 21 to 66 days suggested for habit to kick in! some believe this 21 days to be a myth which may be so that is why I say 21 to 66 days. 
Most people want positive habits to be as easy as brushing their teeth. HELLO…LET’S BE REAL HERE…success cannot be easy or it would be mediocrity. In fact achieving great things requires sacrifice. It requires doing things that others are not willing to do. GREAT HABITS ARE FORMED DAILY. Truth be told, good habits require consistent commitment. Highly successful people have learned to develop good habits. Make the commitment to make it past the struggle, no matter how many times they fall down, thereby reaching new levels of success.| Copyright ©2019 | All Rights Reserved
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